About Monte Lupo

Monte Lupo offers beautiful handmade ceramic and textile artworks and homewares, and provides employment opportunities for people living with disability.
Operated by Australian disability support provider Multicap, our supported employee artists manage each step of the production process, including preparing the clay, glazing and painting. Each detail you see is unique to the finished product and a testament to the hard work of each of our team members. Our artists can proudly say they have accomplished a great deal, while embarking on a creative career. Many of our artists have received national and international recognition for their work, and Monte Lupo is regularly featured in exhibitions across Australia, in addition to holding our own exhibitions. 
Giving people living with disability a chance to express themselves through art is not just valuable therapy, but also provides an opportunity to develop new skills and build their confidence. With the right assistance, Monte Lupo artists gain a special sense of purpose, creative expression and engagement with the wider community.
Monte Lupo was established by Multicap in 1991 to provide meaningful employment to people living with disability, with a focus on producing beautiful and unique pottery. Almost 30 years later, Monte Lupo now encompasses an art studio, gallery, cafe and coffee carts, and also offers art workshops to the public. Our style is inspired by a small pottery village nestled in the hills of Tuscany, known as Montelupo Fiorentino, famous for a centuries-old tradition of producing brightly coloured and boldly designed pottery in a collaborative process.
We are based in Brisbane, Australia, and our online store offers everyone the chance to purchase their own unique piece of the Monte Lupo story. 
About Multicap
Operating for almost 60 years, Multicap is one of the most highly regarded disability service providers in Queensland and northern New South Wales.
We are known for the range, breadth and excellence of our services, our approach to customer safety, and the outcomes achieved by the people who choose to be supported by us.
Multicap offers an individualised range of supports for people of all ages; including home and well-being, community and lifestyle, education and employment, creative arts, transport, positive behaviour support, and much more.
To find out more about Monte Lupo and Multicap, visit our website: www.multicap.org.au.